Keratoconus SKY DIVE! Raising funds for

Great news folks- KCGB member Amy Musto is doing a skydive to raise funds for the only UK Keratoconus charity

Amy Musto- skydiving for Keratoconus Group UK

In February 2013 Amy was diagnosed with Keratoconus after noticing a significant change in her eyesight over a short period of time. Luckily the condition had been caught before it became too aggressive and Amy was offered cxl Collagen Cross Linking treatment (custom-made riboflavin drops saturate the cornea, which is then activated by ultraviolet light) which she had done in March 2013. Collagen Cross Linking is not a cure for Keratoconus but the aim of this treatment is to stop the progression of the condition.

Having fully recovered, Amy is now hoping to do a Tandem Sky Dive at the Headcorn Sky Diving Centre (located in Kent) on Saturday 7th June, weather dependent.  She has set up a  Just Giving account to raise the funds but will also be collecting sponsors in cash from close friends and family.
Amy’s parents will be advertising her Charity Sky Dive where they work and it will also be promoted at Boots Opticians where she lives.
Skydive at Headcorn
The company Amy works for (Barbican Insurance) sponsor 3 small charities which includes the Keratoconus Group UK.  They will be funding a total of £5,000 however they are going to do several events and try to raise even more money.
Barbican Insurance have also promoted the Sky Dive through their own Just Giving page here
Just Giving pages:
Here is the website for the Sky Diving Centre:

Please donate and support Amy in her quest to raise money for Keratoconus Group UK, our only charity in the UK. please share our posts about this on Facebook and Twitter and help raise awareness!

Follow Amy and KeratoconusGB and Keratoconus Group UK on Twitter:





3 thoughts on “Keratoconus SKY DIVE! Raising funds for

  1. How great! We so need a KC charity in the US due to CXL being SO expensive and the fact that some of us (right here) can’t get insurance that covers KC lenses, which can be in the thousands. Way to go, Amy… 🙂

      • Actually I can, which is why I think your group is so great and it takes a good leader or it doesn’t work. People can be so vicious online that I’ve had to remove myself from online “support” groups due to their toxicity! As if we don’t have enough on our plates! :/

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