Keratoconus GB was set up for anyone with keratoconus wherever they are, to help each other share their experiences about treatments and stories regarding KC. 

Keratoconus GB has become a great place to meet new people in the UK and abroad who also live with Keratoconus on a day to day basis with over 12,000 members globally
We started as a Facebook support page for people living with all stages of the eye disease keratoconus, to share stories, help each other with advice, and have a chat with people that really understand what living with KC is like.
To find us on Twitter and Facebook just search ‘keratoconus GB’. We have a busy and supportive private group on Facebook plus the original KCGB page.
We have followers and friends all over the world including the UK, USA, France, Spain, Russia, South Africa, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
We can also count opticians, opthamologists and Consultants amongst our members.

 You are really not alone!