Keratoconus- my story as a poem by Shiv, India

Hello – I am a KC’er since 1998 – a long time. I started the first support group in India. This is just an outpouring from a KC’er in his day to day life when not wearing lenses.  This is the outcome when an incident happened to me during my off lens time in the kitchen….
I was not wearing lenses when I dropped a glass of milk. The glass looked like a red blob . This was after my 5 km run ….and I don’t wear lenses when I run. So that’s the background sort of sharing experience of what happened when a KC’er doesn’t wear lenses and I tried to capture my first hand feelings with this poem.

Parched with thirst after a run,
To an imaginary destination of bliss
Of waiting damsels and milk and honey!
Walked to the ledge to quench the thirst
Frantic search for an urn
Yearning heart drenched with concomitant bliss!

Cast Silica nowhere to be seen – a scratched glass projects reality shrouded in hallucinations
Dangling of light and shadow
Demanding faculties of mind to wean the reality from Halos, Ghosts, and Starbursts
Seen in my minds kaleidoscope.
Chosen ilk privileged with a rainbow at every blink!
Gods own children blessed with a daily dose of radiant light and fireworks!

From a distant, a red blob looked like a globe on fire
Alas it was but a globe on fire
A cast clay laden with milk – meant for someone.
Mistaken identity!
Leading arm knocked the red blob
Traveled at the speed of light in to marble floor bosom
Rushing like estranged lovers meeting after eons
Earth meets earth causing an explosion of heart and hope!
Splashing milk and sending a holocaust of clay doused with milk
Shrapnel’s that punctured my bloated ego.
Symbolic of the end!
Or the unveiling of a new dawn!

Life’s reminder of ones fallacies and handicaps
Rudely intervenes a blissful feel
Commanding to stay grounded and not attempt to fly with broken wings!
On a normal day
Despair and helplessness would have dawned.
Today though
These smithereens demand from me more faith!

Corneas Clasped with love laden lenses
Molded with His Graceful hands
My heart knows
With faith I am seeing and will see more!
With Bliss within,
The distant land is alas is not so far away!!
As I keep running not away from pain
But towards Love and myself.!!

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