KERATOCONUS should not stop you living your life and doing whatever you want to do!


Here is a list of 50 things that our amazing KeratoconusGB members from all over the world have achieved whilst having keratoconus, wearing lenses, pre and post corneal graft:

1. Horse riding safari in South Africa

2. Canyoning in Scotland

3. Roller coasters in Florida

4. Climbed Mt. Snowdon. Wales, Freestyle no ropes

5. Did a 75 km mountain bike ride cross country for the NSPCC

6. Been in a BAFTA nominated film

7. Took part in Men’s Health Survival of the fittest 10k assault course

8. Raced karts for several years

9. I ride a motorcycle

10. Ran a 13 mile assault course (soft lens in good eye, not so good through all the water traps etc but it worked)


11.  Hang gliding & that was after having a graft.

12. Survival paintball, Zombie paintball

13.  I hit the roller coasters at Alton Towers and Thorpe Park

14. Driving

15. I ran the Paris Marathon and Great North Run a couple of times post graft

16. I walked underwater in the sea and fed the fish in Cyprus – they gave me a helmet and no water goes above your neck.

17. At 35 I learnt to ride a bicycle lol. If I can’t drive then I can get around by cycling!

18. Climbed 27 Munro’s (Scottish mountains > 3,000ft)

19. Completed the 50 mile Glasgow – Edinburgh cycle.

20. Competed in the World Pipe Band Championships 2012


21.  Travelled through Europe, stopping in: Ireland (biking tour of dingle peninsula sticks out), Scotland, England, Spain, Switzerland hiking in Gimmelwald (the most beautiful place on earth)

22. I’ve been skydiving

23.  I got married!

24. Maintained stable employment for the last 7 years since graduating college (not really a bucket list item but still something to be proud of when most jobs require the use of a computer nowadays)

25. Played ice hockey

26. Showed one of my dogs at Crufts

27. Commentated on a football match for Talk Sport

28. Ran a half marathon

29. Bagged a hot boyfriend 12 years my junior!

30. Had a cricket report published in the Daily Telegraph when I was 16


31. Solo skydive

32. I made amazing friends across the globe some of them really give me strength

33. River rafting twice wearing lens

34. Rock climbing

35 Trekking

36. Ice skating

37. Playing cricket

38. Football

39. Weight train, cycle and run

40. Best ever stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon. A three mile drop just a feet away


41. 3 peaks challenge that was awesome…. Tiring as well though!

42. Skydiving from 1500ft, rest of my list is a work in progress

45. Been to many many music festivals, including Glastonbury, V and the Isle of Wight

46. Camping

47. Playing squash (with goggles on)

48. Went to University, did my degree

49. Started blogging

50. Had kids

‘I don’t even give my KC a second thought most of the time’


Add your achievements in the comments, keratoconus is not a life sentence, you can fulfill your dreams and do amazing things, as our members can demonstrate!

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