Keratoconus & contact lenses by Prashanth Chander, India

Contact lenses


So, I have been using my Rose K lenses for about 2 weeks now. I must say, they are incredibly irritating to put on and to remove. That being said, 2 weeks down the line the whole process has become a lot easier and better.

At first I could feel the lenses in my eyes all the time, now for the last couple of days I just feel them in the first 10 minutes of wear. After that, I completely forgot that they were in there.

Now on to the vision. I have been using spectacles since I was 6 ( 25 now) this is my first foray into contacts. The vision improvement is astounding. It’s like HD vision… No wait, better than HD its 4K vision. The doc said that my corrected vision is much better than the average. This was great news to me.

The good and the REALLY good results

Now for all of you who wonder if these lenses reduce all the annoying effects of KC, let me elucidate:

1. MAJOR vision improvement.
2. Annoying shadows and doubling are almost completely gone. They only pop up now and then, the doc says that this will reduce as I adjust to the contacts.
3. Light sensitivity has reduced a thousand times. I don’t even flinch now when an approaching car has the high beams on.
4. Night vision quality has improved significantly.
5. Reading the small text on a computer or phone is a breeze, even at arms length.

The most difficult part for me was working up the courage to put something in my eye. Once I got over that…. Ok I’m actually still working on that, but getting there!

Wear time

The lenses can be used comfortably for about 12 to 15 hours as per the doc. I’ve gone up to about 10 now without any irritation. Then you just need to pop it out, rinse it in the solution and pop it back in for a couple more hours if you really need to. 12 hours is the longest that I have worn it after doing this.

I strongly recommend sunglasses (preferably polarised) during the day as much as possible and CLEAR glasses at night. This is to stop any particles from getting into your eye. Your eyes will be extremely sensitive for sometime and removing the lenses on the go is a bit difficult and a pain. If something gets between your cornea and lenses the pain and irritation is terrible.

If anyone wants to know anything more about my whole kerataconus treatment, the options that I chose and the options available in India, feel free to ping me. From one KC’er to another I wish you all the very best in your or your loved one’s KC journey!

Prashanth Chander


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