Action Man Ash In The Arctic!

Ash Winter, our own KCGB Action Man does not let having keratoconus stop him from doing anything. Just back from an Arctic expedition, Ash shares his story:


I have recently returned from an Arctic expedition. The main reason for going was to test myself. I have an eye condition called keratoconus. 

I suffer from visual distortion and wear special contact lenses for KC to correct my vision. I keep on doing silly challenges to put myself and my eyes to the test.

Whilst I was away I decided to test my Fitbit activity tracker too, I use the Fitbit Flex 2 for swimming, skiing etc so I figured using the waterproof one for the Arctic would be best.


It was a 10 day expedition suffering temperatures of -35 whilst sleeping in a tent, travelling by dog sled and living off the land. Great for testing not only my own fortitude but also how my contact lenses fared!

The experience was second to none but it has been the toughest challenge so far, I am very happy with my Fitbit, even though we had no signal it stored all of the data for when I could sync at the end of the expedition.

So even at -35 my Fitbit worked perfectly, I charged it once over the 10 day period with a solar charger. I am very surprised at how well it performed in the cold as everything else including a rather expensive drone used the batteries up rather quickly (5 mins for the drone that usually lasts 15 mins), and yes it fell out of the sky into deep, deep snow)


 Follow Ash and his adventures on Instagram: @ash.adventure

Read more about Ash here 


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