Keratoconus? Join the original #kcfamily online – KeratoconusGB

Having keratoconus can be tough and you think you are alone, well we have good news……you are NOT alone. If you are fed fed up with scaremongering, hearing about expensive treatment options and going around in circles, then join the original #kcfamily 















We have the busiest, most active and supportive keratoconus Page and Group on Facebook, and you are welcome to join us for support and chat with kc’ers from all over the world who have had grafts, cxl collagen cross linking, intacs, and who wear all the types of contact lenses that are out there for keratoconus- no, RGP are NOT the only option. You DO have choices!

You can get tips on:

  • lens care
  • lens options
  • wearing and cleaning lenses
  • work and your rights in law
  • funding options, how the NHS works in the UK
  • support before your op or appt, what questions to ask

We have members who are long term kc’ers plus the newly diagnosed and parents of kids with KC too. Several members are reknowned corneal surgeons and Optoms plus we have opticians and lens fitters too. Join us and get the support you need, share your story and help others too.

Facebook Group-

Facebook Page–

And we are on Twitter too- @keratoconusGB


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