The Word on Eye Make-Up

Anice Barbosa

This may sound shallow… but I will ask anyway. I cannot possibly be the only person with Keratoconus that feels guilty about using eye make-up. Am I?

I am not. A 15-year-old reader of my blog wrote to me and asked me what do I do about make-up, so I am writing to share my story.  As I get more confident about myself and my scars, I am trying to ditch the habit but I am sharing so we can talk about it. But let’s be really clear on one thing: I do not condone eye make-up use.

In the past, I wore a ton of eyeliner and mascara . I went through almost every brand sold in the United States until I found one that a. didn’t flake and land inside my contacts and b. didn’t burn if my eyes got watery. I finally found my match and piled it…

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