Who is Keratoconus GB?

Keratoconus GB was set up on Facebook by Steve Watkinson, later joined by Rae Lovejoy and then on Twitter for the public to help each other share their experiences about treatments and stories regarding KC. Keratoconus GB is also become a great place to meet new people in the UK and elsewhere who also live with KC on a day to day basis, and we now have a private Facebook group too. Keratoconus GB was set up so that the #kcfamily knows it has friends who understand what it is like to live with keratoconus




The aim was to be a support page for people living with all stages of the eye disease keratoconus, to share stories, help each other with advice, and have a chat with people that really understand what living with KC is like.

We hope you now also enjoy our blog!


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