Keratoconus- my story, by Rae

Hi! I am Rae, a 40 something female from Brighton in the UK. This is my story, about living with keratoconus. I had had dodgy eyesight since I was about 18 and was able to wear glasses and then soft contact lens. I found out that I had astigmatism later on and wore a toric … Continue reading Keratoconus- my story, by Rae


Who is Keratoconus GB?

Mission Keratoconus GB was set up on Facebook by Steve Watkinson, later joined by Rae Lovejoy and then on Twitter for the public to help each other share their experiences about treatments and stories regarding KC. Keratoconus GB is also become a great place to meet new people in the UK and elsewhere who also … Continue reading Who is Keratoconus GB?