Rebecca Shares Her Words On Keratoconus

A poem about keratoconus by KCGB member Rebecca Cherrington

So You Want To Know?…

So you wanna know?

So you want to know about it, the disease that is KC

I’ll try and explain it to you but it may be a bit hazy!

Keratoconus is where your cornea is as thin as ice

And everywhere you look you need to look at twice

It’s like a fog descending, it comes down over your eyes

And all the light and colour disappears and hides

It’s quite strange feeling normal but not seeing much

You wonder how bad your eyes are and what others see and such

I thought everyone saw the same as me although it’s not the case

I’m not sure of my peripheral vision and I’m an awful judge of space!

Now I’ve had two corneal transplants to help me with my sight

But they are not a magic cure and wont last me my whole life

So another op will be needed in the future not so far

For now even with the transplants I struggle to drive a car

But it’s not a life threatening disease

There’s people far worse off than me

My bad days come and go as do the good

But I’ll keep on doing what I need to, doing what I should.

KC will not define me, it won’t stop me living my life

Life gives you lemons sometimes, you have your share of strife

So when life gives you lemons and your not sure where to begin

Make yourself the best lemonade, and mix it with some gin!


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