2012 Birth of my daughters and vision progression.

My Life With Keratoconus

March 23rd 2012 my fiancee gave birth to our twin daughters, this was likely the best thing that has happened to me. However it all but ended my training.

I was now required to help look after two babies, I often felt like a zombie version of the milk man, getting up at all hours to make endless bottles of milk for feeds, yawning my way through days living in our one bedroomed council flat.

I cannot deny it took its toll on me, we had no lift so I was literally carrying a double buggy up flights of stairs then the lack of sleep with two babies sharing my bedroom.

I remember I got up out of bed to make a feed, it must have been around 2 am, from the kitchen window I could see a lamp post to my disbelief I could see not just 2-3-4 glowing…

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