2004-2010 – The missing years…

My Life With Keratoconus

These are the years I can say I was truely depressed, not knowing what was wrong with my vision, believing it ws something serious about to strike me down was soul destroying.

It was around this time that my parents got the internet package from NTL (virgin) and I was able to hook my pc up, instead of helping myself by looking up things related to the vision problem I took to playing Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory.

Somehow I was a very good natural aimer on this game, I ended up making my own clan, had our own servers and gained many friends along the way. but what they didnt know was the person they played with was sat there depressed, comfort eating, gaining weight, becoming more unhealthy by the day, I would literally play untill 5 am and sleep untill 1pm. It had become my life, my only life.

I ballooned…

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