Playing the Waiting Game

I Hate These Blurred Lines

So at the end of the last post I was now waiting a year to see how the keratoconus was progressing. At the time, the consultant in the hospital also said that if I experienced any discomfort or troubles to get back in touch and make another appointment. That was May 2012.

My son was born in June 2012. This is quite an important event for more than the obvious reason. As the year progressed, I started to struggle more and more with my eyesight, even with the new prescription that I got in my initial opticians appointment. At first, I put this down to being a new father.


But then fortunately for myself and my wife, our son developed a liking for sleep after just a few months and our own sleep began to return. The struggles with the eyesight did not disappear. In late October, a long lateā€¦

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