My Point Of View

A Quest For Happiness

kc_blurred_visionThe photo to the left is how I see the world with Keratoconus, even with my high prescription glasses. Well, this how I see with my right eye (the good one), my left eye is even worse. This makes my life a lot difficult at times. u_u

I can’t read a real book anymore, which was something that I loved to do once upon a time. I have a Kindle for reading, as I can adjust the font to “grandma” size, however it’s not the same as turning the actual pages and smelling the fresh ink of a hard copy book. I get bored with my Kindle, with half of the fun experience of reading stripped away, and haven’t finished a book in a few years now.

Writing emails, blogs, and novels take effort for me to do. I can’t spend as many hours doing so, as my eyes will…

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