Much Ado About Eyes

A Quest For Happiness

anime-art-girl-glasses-1094551This is just a long personal story, with no real flowery “lesson” or conclusion to it. Feel free to skip it, I am not offended. 😆

Well, last week, I was given a definite diagnosis of “Keratoconus”, which is a degenerative eye disease. The cause of it is unknown, the guess is that it may be genetic. And there are treatments but no proven “cure” for it yet.

I was diagnosed with this disorder at age 21, before this final wake-up call. At that time, I lived in Philadelphia and noticed that I couldn’t see well with my left eye, after nearly getting hit while crossing the road. I swear, I didn’t see the massive SUV thundering my way from my left view, as I stepped off the curb. It wasn’t one of my suicide attempts either (will mention more on that sob-story past some other time!).

Thankfully, the car…

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