Living with Keratoconus

The Musings of The Masked Gentleman.

Hey everyone, this is the first post on this blog, and is going to be more serious than my usual posts, which tend to be game reviews. If you’d like to check them out then click here, there are also other reviews and posts from good friends of mine. Anyway, back to the purpose of this post which is to cover what Keratoconus is, how I was diagnosed with it, what it has been like living with the condition and what the future holds. This should also provide a place to direct people when they ask about my condition rather than trying to remember everything off the top of my head, skimming over facts so quickly that I never really get into any depth about the condition. It also means I can put up pictures to better illustrate what it is like to live with Keratoconus, because yay pictures.  As a…

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