How Big is it Really?

Anice Barbosa

My non-KC friends have asked for a picture of my lens because I keep calling them “quarter-sized.” OK. They are not exactly quarter-sized.

To be precise, they are 20mm in diameter, 4mm shy of a quarter. How is my lens different from others?


On my index finger is my scleral contact lens, on my middle finger is your average size lens. So, it is a lot bigger.

On the bottom you see how my lens sticks out. That’s because it’s made to fit the shape of my eye. It is made of a durable hard plastic. Almost glass-like. Soft lenses do not say in my eye. They fall right out.

To put it in, I fill up the contact with preservative free saline solution, hold both my upper and lower lid tight, push it in with a plunger and release. (Image below)


To take it out, I use my lower…

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One thought on “How Big is it Really?

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