The differences between having some useful vision and not having any useful vision

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Jenny By Jenny

Having already been severely sight impaired, I’ve recently lost a significant amount of vision.

There are things I can still do and some I almost took for granted that I cannot do now. There are other things I now find difficult that I have had to find new ways to make manageable again.

What I already used feel for instead of vision

  • Tying my shoelaces
  • Brushing my hair
  • Washing up
  • Identifying loose change

What I can still do

  • Brushing my teeth – although putting the toothpaste on the brush can be a very messy and fun experience!!
  • Shower and dress myself.
  • Identify clothes – although I do have two cardigans that are very similar and once thought I was wearing the white one until a friend commented I was looking pretty in green!!
  • Use my hob and oven – both are gas. I can tell which gas mark…

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