Bulging cornea – Keratoconus

Eye care - Dubai

1 The cornea assists in refracting light towards the lens, and to achieve this the cornea has to be smooth and proportionately dome shaped to refract light to the centre of the retina through the lens, which lies on the inside of the eye. When the corneal structure is compromised, so is the angle of refraction and quite obviously your vision is too. Seeking medical help from an experienced Dubai eye specialist like Dr. Safwan Al-Bayati as soon as you notice signs of distorted vision will prevent your vision from depleting over the years.

The New Vision Eye Center is a specialized clinic in Keratoconus treatment, with modern equipment housed in the most comfortable and advanced eye clinic in Dubai. Keratoconus is easily diagnosed by the odd or cone shaped cornea that is apparent with this eye condition. When the curvature of the cornea narrows, you will notice some difficulty…

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