Keratoconus; my full story so far

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Hello, I wanted to share my full story so far with having keratoconus. I’ve told separate experiences before but I wanted to do it as a big post from the beginning.

I’ve always had problems with my eyes. I was always told I needed glasses from when I was little, for reading and looking at screens. My opticians said I had a lazy eye so I believed them, despite the fact the glasses were never making a difference. My left eye always used to drift and be unfocused. Glasses just didn’t help.

In the summer of 2013, I noticed I couldn’t see things far away or read things without being right up close. I was told I was short sighted so I wasn’t worried, but even in school I couldn’t see anything on the whiteboard. I went back to the optician and had another eye test. I was very shocked…

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