13 Month Post-Op (Corneal Transplant Update)

Life's a Performance

So yesterday it was 13 months since my surgery (yay!).

Today I had the highly awaited appointment with my ophthalmologist.  He was in a good mood today, and soon after we went in he started checking my vision improvement again.  After a bit of tweaking around with the lenses, he was able to achieve a 20/25 (a bit forced, but still 20/25) vision in my right eye.  And so, he finally gave me the green light to have glasses made!  Also, I am allowed to stop using the Lotemax, and only use the Prednisolone if I get sick.  Other than that, I have to use another drops called Tilinol, I believe.

After we paid for the visit, we went to the desk in the waiting room where they order your glasses.  I told the lady I wanted them plastic-y, and that they were kind of wide, so my face…

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