Keratoconus – My 16 month post graft journey in pictures- Wendy UK

I wanted to put together some pictures of my graft progress over the past 16 month period. I know many of the KCGB members will have seen lots of these photos many times over but I thought what with the group growing so fast & so many new members it might be a nice thing to share.

Sharing our different keratoconus experiences is really important so that fellow kc’ers know that they are not alone!

The pictures start from day one photo being terribly bloodshot as you’d expect moving on to around 3 months when I had my first three sutures removed as they became very loose.

I have also included things like the very large box of eye drops and other eye related things you seem to collect with having a graft & also my eye tattoo which I had done to remember my donor with thanks.

I hope you like the pictures & if you have any questions please feel free to make comments, or join me in the Keratoconus Facebook Group:

Sign up for organ donation and give the #giftofsight



my eye day 1 post graft
my eye day 1 post graft


WP_001959 NHS donor card
Right eye top comparison
Right eye topo comparison
eye tattoo
My eye tattoo
Long lashes caused by the eye drops
15 months post graft no stitches Graft with stitches- looking clear
3 months post graft 3 stitches out graft with stitches
14 months post-graft
14 months post graft
no stitches 15 months post graft
no stitches 15 months post graft



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