REPOST: All Eyes On Google’s New ‘Smart’ Contact Lenses

Clinical Vision Research

Google never seems to run out of wacky inventions. This time around, the tech giant unveils Smart, contact lens with a glucose-tracking technology that monitors blood sugar through the wearer’s tears. Awesome or awkward? ReadForbesreport below.

(Google/AP) Image Source: (Google/AP) Image Source:

Google “glucose” right now, and you’ll find a slew of results with Google itself in the header. This is because Google is getting into a new market: Diabetes. The company has just revealed a new method for monitoring glucose, in a classically Google-clever way: Smart contact lenses with tiny glucose-tracking technology will monitor wearers’ glucose levels not by measuring the sugar in their blood, but by tracking it in their tears.

“It doesn’t look like much, but it was a crazy amount of work to get everything so very small,” said Google researcher Brian Otis in a statement. The research, by the company that’s also brought us…

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