Eyes Feeling the Blues? Meet F.lux

Jana Hue

Web developer or not, we all know the brain piercing pain that strikes after a few too many hours spent staring deep into a screen. But what to do about it? These mesmerizing screens are everywhere and, for many of us, our jobs depend on computers.

Enter F.lux. 

F.lux is a plugin available for your computer and smart devices that helps protect your eyes and keep your circadian rhythms in balance. Here’s how:

First, F.lux tracks your location via GPS and then syncs with the natural sunset of your locale. Then, in tandem with diminishing natural light, F.lux slowly decreases the blue light from your screen. The result? Happier eyes and a better nights’ rest. 

For an in depth description of the effect of blue light on sleep health, check out the research provided by F.lux. Your eyes will thank you.

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