11 Month Post-Op (Corneal Transplant Update)

Life's a Performance

Well, here we are again.  A mere 17 days away from the one year mark of my graft.  I have some good news, but most of them weren’t so good to me.

Let’s start with the bad ones then.  I went in, and the doctor did the usual topography and whatnot, then we went into the actual office for the rest of the check up.  He looked at it and noticed that I have high pressure due to the Prednisolone.  He said I was starting to develop cataracts in my grafted eye.  He said he needed to remove the last few sutures and switch the Prednisolone to a lighter steroid, which’s name is escaping me right now.  I do know it starts with an F.  Because of the sutures removal, I need to wait yet another 6 weeks for my cornea to adjust, and then I can get my glasses…

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