Small Blessings

Anice Barbosa

I had another appointment yesterday to try another pair of scleral lenses. I went in beaming with positive energy, I even cracked a couple of jokes with the same inexperienced assistant. She was still nervous and I told her “I‘m tougher than I look! When you’ve had razors, tweezers and needles in your eyes, hard lenses are a breath of fresh air. Don’t be afraid you won’t hurt me.”

It was all to no avail… she was shaking and ended up calling my doctor in, who told her to trust herself and not to hesitate. She took a deep breath and she got it in. There was a bubble underneath the lens and she became frustrated. She took it out and tried again. The doctor told her “Remember, she is strong and can take it!” and we giggled. Had she heard our conversation?

The new lens…

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One thought on “Small Blessings

  1. I could never handle just a hard lens, even after transplant I wear a hybrid lens. Before putting it in my eye, I place two to three drops of a thick rewetting drop so that I don’t get bubbles. The liquid displaces perfectly and lets the lens rest properly on my eye. Wishing you the best!

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