La Vie Bobo

This has been an intense, exciting and emotional month for me and my fam, starting with my eye surgery 4 weeks ago today.

After this very successful surgery, my brain processed the results far faster than my heart. The magnitude and wonder of what occurred took a couple weeks to really hit me.

But then two Sundays ago, I was sitting in Mass in Puerto Rico (I know, tough life), and I was reminded suddenly, poignantly, of a little girl sitting in a chapel in Lourdes, France, praying as hard as she could for a miracle and for healing.

And that’s when it hit me. Looking at this surgery from a short-sighted viewpoint doesn’t do it justice. The significance of this moment in my life began with the realization that something was wrong when I was 11 months old and continued through injuries, surgeries, lenses, contacts, diseases, doctor visits numbering…

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