Beautiful Brown Eyes & Are you drunk?

Damaged Brown Eyes

Today I was hanging  out with a friend and they said something that really upset me, “I wish I had your beautiful brown eyes.”. In retrospect I shouldn’t have snapped and went off on them. I should have accepted their compliment, smiled, and thanked them. But no. I went on a rant– a long unnecessary rant. That was only prolonged when I was asked, “why don’t you just wear glasses?”.

Smh. I wish it were that simple. I think back when glasses were enough to correct my vision. A much simpler time! 
I’ve been repeatedly told I have beautiful eyes. But what good are they if I can’t see? 😦 Thinking this makes me feel sad and worried about the future. What if mini sclerals aren’t enough? What then? I’m petrified at the idea of a cornea transplant (cue Jessica Alba’s stupid movie). Is this going to get worse?


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