How Bad Does It Get?

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Anice Barbosa

“Why don’t you get glasses? What about contact lenses? I’m sure it will help. Not even LASIK?” These are the questions I get from people who aren’t familiar with Keratoconus. Sometimes it’s hard to answer the same questions over and over and over and not snap. I once told a young woman who had asked me all the questions above “Don’t you think my doctors have thought of that?” I immediately bit my tongue and apologized. She did nothing to deserve my impoliteness.

Just last week I was talking to a friend who asked me something no one else has: “How Bad Does It Get?” I sat in quiet and thought about it…

Pretty bad. Horrible some days really.

I get depressed about it. I cry alone and once in a while, when I get really desperate, I cry in public. I don’t care who is around or if people…

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