Night Routine & Makeup

Damaged Brown Eyes

Every night now, before bed time, I have a ritual of raking out my lens, cleaning them, then placing them in the solution thing— whatever its called. Then, BAM… my almost perfect vision is gone 😦 I proceed to remove my makeup, wash face, etc.

Its so difficult not being able to see that well… which means I will be getting glasses (!!!) again, just so I can see at night. Super frustrating!

Oh and wearing makeup… I wear eyeliner on my lower water line and it always gets on the lens… very difficult to take off and sometimes the black marks just stay on my lens. 😦 Even wearing face cream can be an issue… :((

But at least I can see a lot better. Feels so good– after repeatedly raping my eyes attempting to get the lens in– to see. Everything is so clear and vivid. Like HDTV……

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