Status Update: Shock and Awe

La Vie Bobo

Here’s the headline: surgery was incredibly successful. Like, better than anyone had hoped.

This has been a pretty intense experience, especially the days and weeks leading up to the surgery itself (catch up on the backstory). it was a lot of expectation and hope and fear from several years all layered on top of each other.

I felt emotionally off-kilter for the past couple of weeks. I figured some of it was just being unglued about the whole losing-my-cornea thing. But I think it was also the stress of facing a very positive possible outcome after so many years, and being afraid to hope.

So surgery was on Monday. It’s a weird feeling to lay there in your tissue paper hospital gown waiting to be put to sleep and not knowing what life will be like when you wake up. If you’ve never experienced anesthesia, it’s wild. One…

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