A Girl’s Gotta Hope

La Vie Bobo

Picture a Monet. Like this one:

Claude Monet, Saint-Georges majeur au crépuscule.jpg

Source: Wikipedia

This is what I see. Every day. But only out of one eye.

My right eye is normal. Blue, slightly nearsighted, healthy. My left eye, however, is waaaaaayyyy different.

My eye history is cringe-worthy. I was born with a cataract, had an artificial lens put in, got hit with a playground glider (yes, in the eye), had said artificial lens removed, and wore a patch for a good chunk of my pre-school years (Arg!).

Then I got glaucoma as a pre-teen. I like to think that this combo of cataract+glaucoma – both old-lady diseases – is a sign of my incredible wisdom-beyond-my-years. The jury’s still out on that one.

And most incredible? Everything – natural disaster, injury, damage, the works – has happened to only my left eye.

This is where Monet comes in. Even with the highest-level contact in my left…

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