What an eye-popping day, literally.

Damaged Brown Eyes

Today I had a horrid day.

As I attempted–for the third time– to put on my mini scleral lens on my left eye… it popped out. Not all the way out, but out enough to the point that I could not close it. I jumped up, paced back and forth, terrified, not knowing what to do… every time I glanced at the mirror I became more afraid. I looked scary. This had never happened to me before. Moments, felt like hours though, my eye popped back in. It was super red. I broke into tears.
Then I realized I couldn’t find my lens. And I felt something in my eye. Yes, its in there– or so I thought. A Bart ride, drive, and long wait at the optometrist later the Dr. confirmed that there was no medical possible way that a mini scleral could get stuck behind my eye. The…

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