Reflections on my 6 Year Journey

My KC Journey

Well, seeing as it is (nearly?) six years since that fateful day of my diagnosis with keratoconus, I thought it would be time to share some reflections on the time since that day.

I feel I am more accepting of help from others.
I do not know where I got this from but I have this stubborn drive to be independent and to be able to do things myself. I have learnt through the years that it isn’t always possible when you live with keratoconus. Without the support of my optometrist, my family and others with keratoconus,  I would have been lost.

Being Able to Achieve
It took me several lenses, a whole lot of money and quite a few meltdowns but I have now learnt to wear two pairs of lenses, one pair of RGP lenses and a pair of soft lenses. I am also able to manage the…

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