8 Month Post-Op (Corneal Transplant Update)

Life's a Performance

Last time I updated about my corneal graft, it was at the 5-month mark. Well, guess what? Today’s officially been 8 months since I had the procedure done! *cheers*
There’s not much to say still. One more month to go until my eye appointment. My vision is slowly, but surely, getting better. I still can’t read very well, but I can read well enough that I can somewhat use my computer without squinting.
My left eye, however, seems to be getting worse (the one that still has the KC). The SynergEyes contact is always a pain in the ass to wear but I have to! I have to deal with college. At least I don’t have to wear it EVERY day, since I’ve made it a point to have classes only every other day to help tolerate the lens better. Still, I can’t wait till I don’t have to use…

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