Contact lenses are more regulated than guns.


I find the gun debate interesting. I have made a number of videos in my series, “The Minute”  about this issue. My stance on this issue is simple.  I own a gun and feel people should have a right to own guns.  I am just disgusted with the weekend warriors, thugs, assholes and mentally ill wack jobs who treat guns like an extension of their man hood or worse as a solution to everyday problems.   When  people say, “you’re too emotional about guns”  I think to myself… what happened to your cold dead heart that it has become so covered in black gun powder that you don’t get emotional about maniacs gunning our kids down in the streets. If you’re not getting emotional about this issue there is something seriously wrong with you!   I remember working at “Catch a Rising Star” in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and…

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