12th Day Post-Op Check-Up (Corneal Transplant Update)

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Life's a Performance

Good news!

Doctor said everything looks great.  Only complaint is that my eye looks a bit swollen, but no biggie!  I can go back to 4x a day on my steroids.  I can stop using the antibiotics as soon as I run out (which is a couple days, a week tops).  He said I don’t have to use the ointment anymore, but he prefers I use it for a couple more days, so, since it wasn’t free, I’ll keep using it.

I also don’t need to wear sunglasses.  Just like I assumed, the sunglasses are only there to protect my eye from any accidental rubbing or anything that could hit it, and not for actual light.  So, if I can get my hands on some, I will get some clear “sun”glasses, so I can ditch the dark ones which don’t let me see too well.

I can start doing some…

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