O-week Mischief and Hanging Ten

My KC Journey

The past week has been full on.

At the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic where I am currently studying, it was Orientation Week or O-week for short. That meant there was markets, information stalls and crazy activities. The highlight for me for that week was the jelly wrestling where an inflatable paddle pool is filled with jelly and people wrestle in it.

I was keen to have a go but jelly is better in the mouth than in my eyes, especially with the RGP lenses. Simple solution – bring a pair of googles. Yes people laughed at me but I could have worn my flippers and people don’t understand the stuff I go through! I had a lot of fun wrestling in the jelly except for some unexpected exposure if you get what I mean. Only thing hurt in the end was my ego as one of the students in the…

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