Dr. Irwin Azman, Scleral Contact Lens Specialists

POST LASIK Complications and Failures

Keratoconus Contact Lenses Specialty:

Azman Eye Care Specialists is the preeminent contact lens specialty practice in the greater Baltimore area. Patients are referred to Azman Eye Care Specialists from eye care professionals throughout the United States.

Our practice is specifically designed, equipped, and staffed to provide the Scleral contacts lens patients with nothing but the finest in professional care. As contact lens specialists, we have successfully treated thousands of patients, including many who were previously told they could not wear contact lenses. Optometrists and Ophthalmologists from all over Maryland and surrounding states refer their challenging contact lens patients to Dr. Irwin Azman.

When it comes to personalized contact lens care, no doctor can match the attention given by Dr. Irwin Azman and Dr. Thomas Azman. The Azman team is world renowned for their expertise, unwavering commitment to superb patient care, passion, and education in providing personalized eye care for contact lens patients…

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