Keratoconus- appeal for Richard Cheese

Please help Mark Jonathan Davis (aka Richard Cheese) pay for corneal transplant surgery, because he just had to pay for two other surgeries and now he is BROKE.

Please click here and donate $1 if you can:

My name is Mark Jonathan Davis.  I portray the lounge singer Richard Cheese. You might also know me as Johnny Aloha, as Bob Hope and Paul The 55-Year-Old Intern on KROQ, and from my “Star Wars Cantina” parody song.

I have keratoconus and I need a corneal transplant operation. I was born with deformed corneas.  I’ve been able to get by with glasses and contact lenses until recently.  Now, my left eye’s cornea has failed and I can barely see. So, I’m unable to drive at night, I can’t read street signs or ingredient labels, and sometimes I can barely walk down a flight of stairs because of my poor depth perception.


Fortunately, a corneal transplant will restore my vision. Unfortunately, the operation will cost $21,000.

I don’t have health insurance, because no insurance company would accept me with this pre-existing eye condition.

For the last few years, I’ve been saving up money to pay for the surgery.

But, then…..

But, then, in July 2012, I had to have a different surgery…!  I was diagnosed with a blocked blood vessel in my abdomen, so I had to have an operation to repair that.  AND THEN, in February 2013, I had to have ANOTHER surgery, this time for a HERNIA!!


So, in the last six months, I’ve had to spend $22,000 out of my own pocket for those two surgeries, plus all the doctors, labs, and exams in between.

That wiped out my cornea transplant savings.

 Meanwhile, because of those medical problems, I haven’t been able to work for 9 of the last 12 months.  I had to cancel a bunch of our Richard Cheese tour dates in 2012 because of the blood vessel, and in 2013 because of the hernia.  While I’m recovering from that hernia surgery, I can’t start touring again until June 2013.

So right now, my eye is at the end of my rope.

 Eye Need Your Help

Today, I’m using Indiegogo to try to raise $19,500 to help cover my medical bills and pay for the corneal transplant surgery, which I hope to have later this year.

I’m NOT asking for charity; I really just need more customers for my CDs and books so I can generate some revenue and pay off my debt. So, if you click “Contribute Now,” you can make a donation.  Or, you can contribute more and get some of my CDs and other merchandise in return for your generosity. As you know, I am an independent artist; I don’t have a big record label funding me.  I pay for all of our recording costs out of my own pocket, but music piracy has really wiped out my CD sales. 

I’ve been living hand-to-mouth for the last few years, and getting by……but these medical bills really knocked me down.

So, I set up this fund-raising campaign to bring my friends and fans together to help me reach this goal before March 31.  Asking for financial support from anyone is very difficult for me, but I don’t know what else to do.

Please help if you can.  I just want to pay my medical bills, get my vision fixed, and get back to work.

I hope you will please tell your friends and share this page. Thank you from the bottom of my eye.


Mark Davis


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