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Playing The Hand I Was Dealt

Photo Source: http://sr.photos2.fotosearch.com/bthumb/CSP/CSP097/k0974598.jpg

Three weeks ago, or nine weeks after my cross-linking surgery, I started to notice more hair than normal in the shower.  Then I noticed clumps of hair in my wide tooth comb.  Soon enough, the drain in the tub began to clog until I opened it up and found the mother of all hairballs.

Now, I’ve had this happen before.  When I first got sick in 2001 with what I was told was fibromyalgia—stay tuned for a possible misdiagnosis post* (see update), my hair started to do the same thing until I lost at least 1/2 of it, if not more.  It finally stopped falling out but didn’t grow back to its original thickness until I finally forced a GP to put me on thyroid medication, as my TSH was borderline high.  It eventually grew back, but fell out two more times (not as badly) when I switched…

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