Blogs about keratoconus for you to read

Keratoconus can seem scary and you might think that you are alone with this eye disease, and that no one understands- in fact, many people have shared their keratoconus experience- here’s a selection of great blogs about keratoconus from some of our online friends: Claire Harrington blogs about keratoconus and her experience with collagen cross linking Scott Clark – MY JOURNEY FROM DIAGNOSIS TO CORNEAL GRAFT AND BEYOND Emma’s Corneal Transplant journey Kevin and his keratoconus, helped by Kerasoft lens Oliver Loveless and his corneal graft story I Can see clearly now,a late 30’s Dutchman and his KC story

Kirsten blogs about her experience with Intacs and C3R which went really well another shared keratoconus journey, with collagen cross linking cxl

Get in touch to have your blog added here 🙂 share the keratoconus experience!


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