Keratoconus- my story by Rae- pt 5 hybrid lens

November 2010 saw me, having recovered fully from the rejection episode, attempt to get a lens to wear in the grafted eye. Owing to ¬†HIGHLY complicated prescription and a huge astigmatism the vision in my grafted left eye was rubbish and still could not be corrected with glasses either. I was a bit fed up … Continue reading Keratoconus- my story by Rae- pt 5 hybrid lens



UPDATED JAN 2019 Luckily for us, there is a wide choice of contact lenses available for those with keratoconus. Fitting contact lenses on a keratoconic cornea is challenging and time-consuming. You can expect plenty of return visits to fine-tune the fit and the prescription, especially if the keratoconus continues to progress. It's very unlikely that … Continue reading CONTACT LENSES FOR KERATOCONUS