Oakley's proud Dad James was in touch to tell us his son's keratoconus story. Oakley is from  Colwyn Bay, in North Wales, UK. Now 17 years old he was diagnosed with keratoconus in December 2013 aged 13 years, just before his 14th birthday. It was in fact more advanced than anyone had realised, and within a … Continue reading OAKLEY HAS HIS EYES ON HIS FUTURE



National Eye Health Week’s six simple sight savers Via http://www.visionmatters.org.uk/news/news Quit smoking. Smokers have a significantly greater risk of sight loss than non-smokers. Toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke can damage the delicate surface and the internal structure of the eye. This can lead to an increased risk of many eye conditions including AMD; nuclear cataracts; thyroid eye … Continue reading SIX TOP TIPS FOR EYE HEALTH


KCGB Forum friend Francisco Rebello from London shares his inspiring story: I see the messages on the KCGB Forum of people really suffering with kerataconus. Speaking from experience of someone, who has had really bad KC, I'm telling you, it can very well be fine. I've know the pain of seeing your eyesight slowly diminish over … Continue reading POSITIVE VIBES FROM FRANCISCO

An Eye On The Future

A NEW purpose-built centre of excellence for eye care is being launched this week in the South East of England. The Ophthalmology department opening at Southlands Hospital, in Shoreham West Sussex, will provide access to some of the best eye assessment and surgical facilities in the country, and will treat those with keratoconus, glaucoma, AMD, … Continue reading An Eye On The Future

Have A Splashing Time

Swimming is something we get asked about a lot. Should having KC stop you from enjoying this great all round fitness activity? No. Wearing contact lenses while swimming should be avoided whenever possible as it leaves your eyes vulnerable to contamination by harmful bacteria present in the water, putting you at risk of eye irritation … Continue reading Have A Splashing Time