Keratoconus my story by Lisa

Hi I am Lisa from Newfoundland, Canada. I always had trouble with my eyes.  Back when I was 2 I had eye surgery for a turn in my eyes.  From then till I was 28 I was getting my glasses changed on a yearly basis.  Then in 2004 my eye Doctor said my corneas seem … Continue reading Keratoconus my story by Lisa

Keratoconus my story- by Rachel G

Let’s be clear. I was no poster child for taking care of my eyesight. After a year or two of living behind the prison-like bars of garishly oversized glasses, I begged and pleaded with my parents that I was old enough at 12 to handle the responsibility of contact lenses. I nagged stubbornly until they … Continue reading Keratoconus my story- by Rachel G