The standalone Amazon Echo gadget heralds the arrival of a new type of device that could be of enormous benefit to many people - in particular, people who have a vision impairment.   The Amazon Echo is a button-free, hands-free and eye-free gadget. The Echo is a black column around fifteen inches tall and four inches … Continue reading ALEXA! WHAT TIME IS IT?

Technology For Life

RNIB and Ability Net kindly invited us to their recent Volunteer Day in London, to learn about the latest in tech to help visually impaired and blind people. Here's a brief review of the exciting things we saw on the day: RNIB Connect Radio is the UK radio station for blind and partially sighted people to … Continue reading Technology For Life


GET INVOLVED, MEET UP WITH KCGB FRIENDS AND HELP RAISE MONEY FOR MOORFIELDS EYE HOSPITAL RESEARCH When:  Sunday 4 March 2018 Where: Moorfields Eye Hospital, City Road, to the London Eye Join hundreds of walkers, human and canine to walk from Moorfields Eye Hospital to the London Eye, and help fundraise to build a world beyond … Continue reading SEE EYE 2 EYE WITH KCGB FRIENDS!

How fast does keratoconus progress?

by Jim Kokkinakis  Keratoconus can significantly impact one’s life, so answering this question is extremely important for peace of mind. The speed that keratoconus can progress is unique to the individual. What is normal is that keratoconus usually begins during puberty and will usually progress at its quickest up to 25 years of age. Typically … Continue reading How fast does keratoconus progress?