1 Year, 10 Months Post-Op (Corneal Transplant Update)

Life's a Performance

It’s been a while since I last updated you guys, but here we are again.  You know how they say that no news is good news right?  Well you can probably expect why I’m writing.

This is a post that I had hoped I wouldn’t have to write.

Today I had made an appointment at my ophtalmologist’s office to talk about surgery for my left eye.

I went into the doctor’s office as usual.  The assistant gives me the usual vision test, and I did pretty well.  Then the doctor came in and looked at my eyes and said that my cornea was rejecting.  He asked me what drops I was using and how often, and I told him that I wasn’t because he told me I could go off my eye drops unless I was sick.  He proceeds to tell me that he never said that, implying that this…

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