Living with Keratoconus

The Musings of The Masked Gentleman.

Hey everyone, this is the first post on this blog, and is going to be more serious than my usual posts, which tend to be game reviews. If you’d like to check them out then click here, there are also other reviews and posts from good friends of mine. Anyway, back to the purpose of this post which is to cover what Keratoconus is, how I was diagnosed with it, what it has been like living with the condition and what the future holds. This should also provide a place to direct people when they ask about my condition rather than trying to remember everything off the top of my head, skimming over facts so quickly that I never really get into any depth about the condition. It also means I can put up pictures to better illustrate what it is like to live with Keratoconus, because yay pictures.  As a…

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Being Diagnosed

I Hate These Blurred Lines

I was diagnosed with Keratoconus in early 2012. I had gone for a routine check up at the opticians; I’d had some difficulties with my eyesight shortly before the appointment but nothing what I would have considered to be out of the ordinary. It had been two years since my last visit and I was simply keen to get an updated prescription.

I knew something was up when in the initial screening tests, one of them didn’t work. The assistant couldn’t get a reading and needed the optician to come out and check. For those who are veterans of the eye test, it’s the one where you stare at a balloon in a distance and it goes in and out of focus. I believe this is an autorefractor, although I could be mistaken. The optician couldn’t get a reading either, for the record.

The rest of the eyesight test went…

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Much Ado About Eyes

A Quest For Happiness

anime-art-girl-glasses-1094551This is just a long personal story, with no real flowery “lesson” or conclusion to it. Feel free to skip it, I am not offended. 😆

Well, last week, I was given a definite diagnosis of “Keratoconus”, which is a degenerative eye disease. The cause of it is unknown, the guess is that it may be genetic. And there are treatments but no proven “cure” for it yet.

I was diagnosed with this disorder at age 21, before this final wake-up call. At that time, I lived in Philadelphia and noticed that I couldn’t see well with my left eye, after nearly getting hit while crossing the road. I swear, I didn’t see the massive SUV thundering my way from my left view, as I stepped off the curb. It wasn’t one of my suicide attempts either (will mention more on that sob-story past some other time!).

Thankfully, the car…

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