Right Corneal Graft Rejection

Life from my Wheelchair

This last week last been been stressful and I’ve yet something else vision-wise to adjust to.

Last Sunday I noticed mistiness, pain and weeping in my right eye. Having had similar symptoms when the 25 year old corneal graft in my left eye began to reject and I needed a partial re-graft in May last year, I feared the same thing was happening again, but this time in my right eye, which had originally been grafted 22 years ago.

My vision in that eye has never been good. As a child I had a pellet flicked into to it from a catapult and that caused me some vision loss. Eighteen months ago I was assaulted by someone with mental health problems. She punched the right side of my face causing me to sustain a retinal bleed. Both of these things affected my distance vision considerably but I have retained some…

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Cornea Connect brings researchers and patients together

Aniridia Network

Woman next to a microscope and the cornea under it shown on a screen beside it. Researcher Victoria giving a tour of a lab where cornea stem cells are studied

Researchers into aniridic keratopathy held a event so they could meet people affected by the condition so they could learn about each other.

Corneal opacification affects people with aniridia because of deficiencies in the eye’s limbal stem cells. The Cells for Sight Transplantation and Research team at University College London (UCL) is working to understanding it and develop treatments.

The Cornea Connect meeting on 14 February 2014 was the first of its kind at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology which is attached to Moorfields Eye Hospital.  It aimed to bring together scientists and patients with a common interest in the cornea and to talk about the challenges faced by both parties.

Several members of Aniridia Network UK attended and some gave presentations. Chair Katie Atkinson said afterwards “We want to say thank you for organising this…

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Hello everyone We thought that now we have so many members across this blog, Facebook, Twitter and so on that we ought to meet up and put faces to names, to share our KC stories and learn more about each other and living with Keratoconus. ALL WELCOME This meet up is entirely informal and open … Continue reading KERATOCONUSGB KCFAMILY KERATOCONUS MEET UP LONDON 2014